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Welcome to Voices of the Maranoa

A platform for young people to speak about climate change and the global issues impacting on their lives. 

This project responds to the urgent problem that young people’s perspectives – particularly those in regional and rural Australia, including Southwest Queensland – are marginalised in public debate and policy making on climate action. As such, the project posed two key research questions:

  1. How are young people’s interests and perspectives framed and represented in media coverage of climate change impacts in Southwest Queensland?

  2. How can participatory journalism practices, informed by a critical transmedia methodology, amplify young people’s voices in media discourses on climate change and its impacts on regional and rural Queensland?

The journey

Students and the project leads travelled on a field trip to Roma, Goondiwindi, St George, and Condamine. During the seven days, we actively practised journalism techniques to capture the stories and experiences of young people in rural Queensland.


Field Trip




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